Lucid Glassworks

Sam Carlin Lucid Glassworks WebSamantha Carlin’s passion for glass started in the early 90s with an introductory stained-glass class. She continued creating stained glass pieces and in  2003 she was introduced to blown glass. Sam then trained in a production studio practicing the “offhand” style of glassblowing as a solo blower, a style that carries over into her work today. Following her passion halfway across the country, she was finally able to build her own studio in 2011.

In the spring of 2015, Sam moved Lucid Glassworks onto the TwispWorks Campus.

In addition to continuing to produce her line of functional and colorful glassware, namely the “dot” tumblers, Sam has a demonstration studio where she does glassblowing (times vary according to the season).

The possibilities that come in partnering with TwispWorks have rejuvenated and invigorated my passion for glass.”

Lucid Glassworks Dot TumblersSam welcomes you to stop by the studio, say hello and see what she is working on today. To view more of her glass art and purchase online, visit the Lucid Glassworks website.

T: (509) 341-9102

Building 4 – The Lincoln Street Residence, Garage
Hours of operation are available via her website

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