Door No. 3

Door No. 3 Laura Gunnip and Robin Doggett Door No. 3 Print Studio is a retail and wholesale producer of letterpress and handprinted paper and fabric goods. A collaboration between artists Laura Gunnip and Robin Doggett, the duo design handprinted everyday items for fun and function.

Through Door No. 3, Laura and Robin share their passion for printed work… ink on paper and the deep emboss of an image printed using historic techniques are all part of the anticipation of seeing a design come to life as a print is pulled for the first time.

Door No. 3 - Robin Doggett doing letterpress project Door No. 3 - Typeset-drawer Door No. 3 Print Studio began in 2008 as a community accessible art studio where the local community could learn print and bookmaking techniques. Years later the studio has become home to two etching presses, a 1911 Chandler and Price letterpress, and screen printing facilities.

T: (509) 449-1081 (voicemail)

Building 9 – The Bernard Hosey Founders Building
Saturdays, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. April through October
Other hours by appointment

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