What Local Looks Like

What does local look like?

It looks like equipping yourself and others with face masks from eqpd in Twisp. It looks picking up delicious Tappi takeout in Twisp. It looks like discovering a lovely hand-dyed scarf from Culler Studio, also in Twisp.

It looks like these Week 6 Winners!

Alieta Gregg - eqpd

Week 6 Winner: Alieta Gregg
Store: eqpd

John Williams - Tappi

Week 6 Winner: John Williams
Store: Tappi

Nancy Pfeiffer - Culler Studio

Week 6 Winner: Nancy Pfeiffer
Store: Culler Studio

Congratulations to Alieta Gregg, John Williams, and Nancy Pfeiffer for making these purchases and showing us what local looks like. Alieta, John and Nancy are the Week 6 winners of the “What Local Looks Like” contest, brought to you by TwispWorks in partnership with the Twisp & Winthrop Chambers of Commerce.

By shopping at a Methow Valley business, they’ve each won $100 to a Methow Valley restaurant. The winning gift cards are from Glover Street Market, El Valle and Freestone Inn.

Week 5 Winners

Anne Brautovich Clark - Valley Goods

Week 5 Winner: Anne Brautovich Clark
Store: Valley Goods

Teresa Straub - The Iron Horse

Week 5 Winner: Teresa Straub
Store: The Iron Horse

Leslie Funkhouser - Goat's Beard Mountain Supplies

Week 5 Winner: Leslie Funkhouser
Store: Goat’s Beard Mountain Supplies

Week 4 Winners

Mike Wilmington - The Thrifty Fox

Week 4 Winner: Mike Wilmington
Store: The Thrifty Fox

Danielle Grundy - Trail's End Bookstore

Week 4 Winner: Danielle Grundy
Store: Trail’s End Bookstore

Kyle Northcott & Rachael Sugden - Intertwined Designs

Week 4 Winners: Kyle Northcott & Rachael Sugden
Store: Interwined Designs

Week 3 Winners

Tani - Mazama Store

Week 3 Winner: Tani
Store: Mazama Store

Katie Swanson - Willowbrook Farm via Methow Arts

Week 3 Winner: Katie Swanson
Store: Willowbrook Farm via Methow Arts

Jan Gregg - Fiber

Week 3 Winner: Jan Gregg
Store: Fiber

Week 2 Winners

Katie & Wes Hover - Loup Loup Ski Shop

Week 2 Winner: Katie & Wes Hover
Store: Loup Loup Ski Shop

Jennifer Molesworth - Twisp Feed & Rental

Week 2 Winner: Jennifer Molesworth
Store: Twisp Feed & Rental

Derek Van Marter - Aspen Grove

Week 2 Winner: Derek Van Marter
Store: Aspen Grove

Week 1 Winners

Christina Vanosdoll - Winthrop Mtn Sports Purchase

Week 1 Winner: Christina Vanosdoll
Store: Winthrop Mountain Sports

Marie Tracy - French Quail Purchase

Week 1 Winner: Marie Tracy
Store: French Quail

Michael Liu - Cascade Pipe Purchase

Week 1 Winner: Mike Liu, Backcountry Horsemen
Store: Cascade Pipe