Healthy Economy

TwispWorks mission is to increase the economic vitality of the Methow Valley through agriculture, education, technology, arts and culture.

TwispWorks Campus

TwispWorks is a center of creative enterprise and an economic engine for the Methow Valley. The campus is home to more than 35 businesses, non-profits, civic organizations, artists, craftspeople and producers. To date, more than 60 jobs have been created by TwispWorks and our partners.

Economic Development Assistance

Through a grant from Methow Valley Long Term Recovery, TwispWorks is home to an Economic Development Coordinator providing support for local businesses and connecting them to trainings, services and resources.

Rural Economic Resiliency

Business in rural areas have unique challenges, including a reliance on natural resources (farming, livestock, ecotourism, etc.) and when natural disasters happen, these businesses are particularly vulnerable. TwispWorks partners with other organizations like the Methow Valley Long Term Recovery to provide support and infrastructure including technical support (including free wi-fi from MethowNet), assistance with emergency preparedness and connection to federal, state and local assistance programs to ensure that during times of crisis our local economy is protected.