TwispWorks partners host Colville Tribal member Intern Sandra Warriors-Pistolbullet

Sandra Warriors-PistolbulletOver the summer TwispWorks partners, the Methow Valley Interpretive Center and Methow Natives, hosted Sandra Warriors-Pistolbullet through the Colville Tribes’ Higher Education internship program. Warriors-Pistolbullet’s earlier work focused on promoting tribal language revitalization and she wove those interests and experience into her internship as a docent at the MVIC and working with Methow natives on on ecology sites.

As part of her internship project Sandra produced a video detailing her work with the Interpretive Center and Methow Natives.

Sandra’s work was also featured in an article in the Tribal Tribune. read the full article here.

Give Methow to Support Families, Businesses and Industries

Give Methow Give Methow During October, TwispWorks is participating in the Community Foundation of North Central Washington’s Give Methow campaign – a month-long fundraising effort where people can contribute to participating nonprofits located in the Methow Valley. We are asking you to support TwispWorks’ programs that help families, businesses and key industries leading to a vibrant and diverse local economy.
These programs are working – because of you! Here’s what your contribution supports:

  • Our Advocacy efforts help critical industries in our community.
    • We led efforts to keep the Smoke Jumper Base and its nearly two dozen living wage jobs in the Methow Valley to protect people, homes and businesses from wild fires.
    • TwispWorks is spearheading efforts to improve local high-speed internet access and other infrastructure improvements to create an environment for businesses and workers to be successful.
  • Our Partnerships include work with the Methow Housing Trust and the Little Star South.
    • We are addressing root causes of economic instability like affordable housing and quality childcare.
  • The Methow Investment Network connects local businesses needing funding to start or grow their business with people wanting to invest their dollars locally.
    • To-date, more than $970,000 has been made available to local businesses creating 30 new jobs.
  • Our Main Street Program drives conversations with local businesses to understand their challenges and opportunities and build mentoring relationships between businesses and local experts.
    • This year we have met with dozens of local businesses.
  • Our Methow Made Program provides sales, marketing and retail support to local producers, artists and innovators.
    • 40 local small businesses and 12 retailers are now part of the program.
  • The TwispWorks Campus is a community asset and an economic engine.
    • We have 35 organizations operating on the TwispWorks campus creating more than 85 local jobs.

While we’re seeing great results, there is still much to do to make the local economy work for everyone!

The reality is this: if people cannot secure living wage jobs, if local businesses cannot operate profitably, or if the services and infrastructure to support residents and visitors alike is not available, then the Methow Valley will cease to be the special place it is today.

Give MethowThe monies contributed during Give Methow receive a partial match through a stretch pool of funds and the CFNCW is taking care of all credit card fees, so your contribution will make an even bigger impact supporting the families and businesses who make the Methow Valley home.

FUNDAY Mondays

As part of Give Methow, every Monday, any donor contributing online will be entered to win $500 that they can contribute to a participating charity of these choice – so please contribute today.

Thank you for supporting TwispWorks and the health of the local economy!

Broadband and the Methow Valley

Rural BroadbandBecause reliable, high speed internet plays such a vital role in the economic health of our valley, TwispWorks has identified rural broadband internet as a top priority advocacy issue and has been working to improve access for all residents. In the Spring of 2018, TwispWorks began leading the discussion convening meetings between our local internet service providers, governments and interested citizens.

The Partners for Rural Washington (PRW), through a grant from Communities of Concern, has teamed with TwispWorks, Okanogan County and the town of Twisp to perform a valley-wide, rural broadband internet needs assessment. At the end of the study, PRW will provide a written report outlining the possible next steps (and cost estimates) for enhancing broadband service in our rural community. This grant funded work is being done at no cost to the towns or county and you can read the Memorandum of Understanding between the Partners for Rural Washington and Okanogan County, Twisp and Winthrop below.

Read/download the Methow Broadband MOU

Over 13% of Methow Valley residents work remotely and rely on the internet to earn their livelihood. Every day, valley businesses rely on the internet for marketing and financial transactions. Students rely on the internet to complete assignments and parents actively monitor their progress through the internet. Here in the Methow Valley, we are fortunate to have great, local internet service providers who are committed to quality and customer service. But it’s no secret that some valley residents either do not have the service that they require or are unaware of how to get the service that they want. With input from area experts, elected officials and community members, we’ve created this roadmap to help achieve this ambitious goal:

1. Assemble a team to develop a community broadband vision;
2. Facilitate a planning process to understand community broadband needs;
   a. Perform a valley-wide needs assessment and identify gaps in service;
   b. Evaluate and chose appropriate technology and service options;
   c. Create a broadband plan;
3. Implement a community led plan;
   a. Identify funding opportunities;
   b. Complete identified infrastructure improvements as necessary.

What can you do to help? Take this survey and pass it on to your friends, family, co-workers or anyone else you know who lives here! And join us on Wednesday, October 10 at 7:00 pm at the Methow Valley Community Center for a community discussion. Mario Villanueva, the Executive Director for Partners for Rural Washington will share insights from the survey and lead a community conversation on what your internet experiences and needs are. Join us!

TwispWorks Advocacy Work Continues

Ashley Thrasher thanking Newhouse Unfortunately, we‘re all too aware that fire season is upon us again. With the Crescent Mountain and McLeod Fires still actively burning and the thick smoke from 500+ fires in British Columbia, we are constantly reminded that summer is fire season in the West. Despite all the doom and gloom, there are plenty of reasons to be thankful! TwispWorks continues to lead the effort to keep the North Cascade Smokejumper Base (NCSB) in Winthrop – read the latest update here!

TwispWorks goes to Mazama

Mazama Store Beers & BratsCome enjoy delicious beers & brats and learn more about TwispWorks at the Mazama Store’s weekly Beers and Brats night on Thursday, August 9 starting at 5 p.m.

Learn more about TwispWorks efforts to create a vibrant and sustainable local economy in the Methow Valley. Enjoy 15% off Methow Made products, $1 off drinks on the patio and products from eqpd sold at cost! All this, in addition to the tasty food and beverages served as usual – don’t miss it!