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  • Terms and Conditions

    • Limit use of facility to days/times identified in this agreement.
    • Use only those portions of the facility and equipment approved by the Education Station.
    • Leave the facility in the same condition found:
    • Replace all tables, chairs, and equipment in their original configuration.
    • Deposit all trash and recycling in appropriate receptacles, clean any dishes used, and leave all parts of the facility in the same state as found, including sweeping & mopping floor if needed.
    • Remove all food, equipment, decorations, etc. not belonging to the ES.
    Ensure security:
    • If using after hours, return the building key to the key safe after unlocking the building.
    • Do not provide the key safe code to anyone without prior agreement of ES staff.
    • If windows are opened during use, please close and lock prior to leaving.
    • Close and bolt the door of the ES that leads to the kitchen.
    • Close and lock all exterior doors when vacating the premises.
    • Promptly report to ES staff any personal injury or physical damage to the Education Station or its contents. If ES staff is not available onsite, call the after hours number: (509) 846-3611.
    Ensure safety:
    • EXIT doors must remain accessible at all times.
    • Attendance should not exceed the estimated attendance listed in this Agreement. If overtime attendance grows beyond original estimates this agreement may be revisited.
    • Children should be properly supervised.
    • All fire lanes exterior to the buildings must be kept clear at all times.
    • Accept responsibility for damages, and/or clean up costs, including reimbursement for any ES/TWF property that is removed from the facility without permission from the ES/TWF.
    • Provide appropriate licenses and/or proof of liability insurance if required by ES/TWF.
    • To cancel this agreement, send a request in writing or via email to the ES. If received within 30 days of reservation you will get %100 reimbursed.
    • If cancelled within one week there will be no refund but you may reschedule as calendar permits.
    • Cancellation between 2-4 weeks, %50 refund (less 5% processing fee)
    • I have read the ES Rental Agreement and its Conditions, and, by checking the box below, hereby accept the responsibilities as stated. I acknowledge, by so doing, I am solely responsible for carrying out the provisions contained herein. Delegation of any or all of these responsibilities to other parties does not relieve me of any liability incurred herein. I agree to reimburse the ES for any and all damages arising from applicants’ use and hold the ES harmless of any such damages for any personal injuries, property damages, or other liabilities that may be incurred during use of their facility.

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