Welcome Trent Peterson, Our Newest Partner

Give a warm welcome to our new partner on the TwispWorks campus: Trent Peterson of The Wild In Us!

Trent is a leatherworker and saddle maker taking over the south studio space in the Bernie Hosey building. He will be hosting an open house on February 3rd, from 12pm – 5pm, a great opportunity to see the incredible and ask some questions about the craft.

In regard to TwispWorks, Trent shared:

“When I moved back to the Valley in the spring of 2022, I knew eventually I’d like to have my saddle shop in TwispWorks. The fit seemed fitting but I didn’t know how long it would take or what the wait list was like. Nevertheless, good things come to those who wait. One of the things an artist and craftsman can really have a hard time with is finding a space that we can not only feel inspired to create in but be surrounded by others that will inspire creativity. TwispWorks is just that. This is something that I love about this space and this community… The inspiration to Ask Plenty of Yourself.”

So excited to have you on campus Trent!

(photos provided by Trent Peterson via thewildinus.com)