Welcome Katharine Andrews, Our New Partner on Campus!

Welcome our newest campus partner, Katharine Andrews, the mastermind behind Telaio Clothing! ✨

Katharine is a patternmaker, designer and constructor of custom clothing and various sewn products. From wool bicycle clothing to 1880’s suit reproductions and sea lion capture nets to magical costumes, Katharine’s range is diverse and responsive to the needs and desires of her community. She approaches her work with a loving and skillful integrity that is evidenced in each piece and loves to see people experience the joy and confidence that comes from sporting a custom-fitted garment.

Clothing embodies the intersection of necessity and art. While it is an intimate experience of material on skin, it also presents one’s public image. Apparel manufacturing is a global industry in which many are exploited and it is also an avenue for individual and collective empowerment. We all participate in this arena to some degree. Katharine hand builds high-quality, original clothing that people truly love.

If you want to see some of her nets in action, you gotta check out @namib_naude.

We’re so excited to have you on campus Katharine! 🌸