Welcome, Brianna!

Brianna Hartzell, Office Manager

We’re thrilled to have welcomed Brianna Hartzell to the TwispWorks staff as our new Office Manager. She’s been working with us for a couple months now, and we are all seeing signs of improvement in our systems and even in our safety systems. Her previous experience is varied: we’re excited to work with a former ski patroller and first responder who is also a proud nonprofit supporter and believes in the program work and the campus here at TwispWorks. Brianna was born and raised in Washington and grew up hiking, climbing, and horseback riding. She holds a bachelor’s in Adventure Education from Prescott College in Arizona and moved to the Methow in 2011 to work for Outward Bound in Mazama. She lives in Twisp with her partner Matt. On her days off, she’s gardening, cruising around on her mustang named Fig, or on foot somewhere in the Pasayten Wilderness.