Welcome, Amanda!

Amanda Chapman, Facilities Manager

If you haven’t visited campus lately, you’re missing an opportunity to meet our amazing new Facilities Manager, Amanda Chapman. Amanda is new-ish to the Methow, but her general construction skills, experience living in harsh conditions in sub-optimal housing, and love of scrumptious food and lively conversation have her fitting right in! Amanda came to TwispWorks with a can-do attitude, and you’ll find the partners and staff here working hard to help Amanda and her partner Gwyn settle in. Not only did Amanda start at the end of October (a gorgeous late-summer fall if ever there was one), but her first full week brought record snowfall, freezing conditions, and, as you know, a robust start to winter. She’s been out plowing, shoveling, fixing the broken bits in our buildings, and somehow sharing delectable homemade candies all the while! Welcome Amanda, we are so glad to have you at TwispWorks and in the Methow Valley.