TwispWorks welcomes Tom Robinson to the TwispWorks Board

Tom Robinson HeadshotTom Robinson has been moving to the Methow since at least 2007. Maybe it was getting a 509 number or buying a pickup, but Tom is now anchored in the Valley with his wife Joan Wellman.

Raised in Seattle, Tom headed to college in Arizona, and guided outdoor courses in the Southwest before getting a PhD at Stanford. Then began a 30-year career as a management consultant. Tom also worked as a college professor before shifting to his final career as a Rolfer.

Tom loves to hike, ski, climb, raft, and ride bikes. He’s learning to farm a bit, too, moving handlines to irrigate regenerative pastures for hay and sheep. Tom wants to bring his love of building community and solving organizational problems to the TwispWorks board.

Learn more about the TwispWorks Board of Directors here.