TwispWorks welcomes Stu Spencer to the TwispWorks Board

Stuart Spencer HeadshotTwispWorks welcomes Stu Spencer to the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Stu first fell in love with the Methow Valley in the late 80’s and saved until he could build a small cabin with his wife Patty in Mazama in 1993. We moved here full time in 2016 when Patty’s dream log house/property (the Kicking Mule Ranch) became available in 2016.

Stu spent almost his entire veterinary career first as an associate and later an owner in a multi-doctor multi-location veterinary group in Seattle. Originally, Stu studied farm animal medicine, but after barely surviving camel medicine in the Peace Corp Morocco decided that dogs and cats were safer.
Small business has given me a great life and the opportunity to create a family. I want that same opportunity for anyone who also wants it. That is what TwispWorks is all about and that is why I’m all in.

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