TwispWorks Receives Washington State Microenterprise Grant!

509 Automotive Methow Investment NetworkWe are pleased to announce that TwispWorks received a $17,000 grant to help fund some key programs and projects at TwispWorks. Specific projects included hosting a Local Investment Network event, revamping our application process and launching a strong Methow Investment Network restart, and sponsoring the creation of a Good Tourist brochure and Climate Friendly Business Brochure.

With WSMA funds, TwispWorks hosted the “Rebuilding Better: Local Investment Networks and the Post-Covid Economy” on January 27th. The event was a first of its kind, drawing investment networks from around Washington State as well as partner organizations, Washington State Microenterprise Association (WSMA), Association of Washington Cities, Washington State University Extension (WSU), and Neighborhood Associates Corporation. Guest speaker Michael Shuman spoke about post-Covid trends in the economy and how LINS can help rebuild businesses in their communities. The event drew over 200 participants and generated animated dialog on different topics including: collaborating across sectors, Covid changes and opportunities, equity and equality and fluctuations and risks.

The grant also helped to fund our first MIN virtual pitch night on February 24th, 2021, where six startup businesses pitched their plans to our investment network. The pitch night resulted in four out of the six businesses being fully and partially funded! Stay tuned for news about these upcoming business ventures during 2021.

Finally, the grant helped further our collaboration with Methow Valley Climate Action Plan in forming a taskforce to help create two brochures to address tourism in the Methow Valley. The Good Tourist Brochure lists 20 ways visitors can reduce their impact in the Methow Valley and help preserve our natural resources and wild spaces. The Climate Friendly Business Brochure will focus on specific actions businesses can take to reduce their carbon footprint and help promote a sustainable future in the Methow Valley.

We are grateful for the support from WSMA for these exciting projects at TwispWorks!