TwispWorks Programs for Youth Need Your Support!

Give Methow

During the month of October, TwispWorks is participating in Give Methow to raise funds to rehabilitate the Bunkhouse on the TwispWorks campus.

Give Methow is a 30-day fundraising campaign sponsored by the Community Foundation of North Central Washington (CNFCW) that provides people the opportunity to learn about nonprofit agencies in the Methow Valley and support their work.

Tom Venable and Don Linnertz TwispWorks’ Bunkhouse is home to the Valley Teen Center and the Methow Valley School’s Independent Learning Center (ILC). These programs serve a critical need in our community, but the Bunkhouse needs renovation! To be fully utilized and appropriate to house a school and teen center the Bunkhouse needs electrical upgrades, bathroom and kitchen renovations, the installation of an ADA ramp, and floor refinishing.

The monies through Give Methow receive a partial match through a stretch pool of funds and the CNFCW is taking care of all credit card fees so your contribution will make an even bigger impact providing our young people a safe and productive space to learn and grow.

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