TwispWorks Community Plaza Breaks Ground!

Twispworks Community Plaza GroundbreakingSummer is off to bang – or jackhammer as the case may be – on the TwispWorks campus. Last week, construction began on the TwispWorks Community Plaza.

The Plaza was part of the 10-year master plan created by more than one hundred community members at TwispWorks founding and is part of our efforts to make usable every aspect of the 6.4 acre campus.

The Plaza will transform 14,000 square feet of space from a broken parking lot to a pedestrian friendly park, provide civic organizations and local nonprofits a place to hold events and make arts and cultural programs available to everyone in the community. The Plaza will include an information kiosk, performing arts pavilion, sustainable landscape and pathways and spaces for people to gather and interact with one another. Construction is expected to be this fall.

In addition to creating a valuable community resource, the construction of the Plaza will help boost the local economy by bringing over $500,000 to local contractors and skilled labor.