TwispWorks and the Methow Valley Long Term Recovery Organization

Methow Ready Fires

Following last year’s devastating fires, Methow Valley Long Term Recovery (MVLTR) established four priorities for recovery – Readiness, Communications, Housing and Business Resiliency.

I’m excited to share with you how TwispWorks is at the heart of making these priorities a reality – especially in the areas of Communications and Business Resiliency.

Thanks to a grant from MVLTR, last month we secured a backup radio transmitter for KTRT and in April we’ll be installing a backup generator. This equipment ensures power is available to KTRT and the Education Station in the event of a natural disaster. Creating a ‘command central’ at TwispWorks is a huge step forward for our community’s disaster preparedness by creating a gathering place for the community and ensuring our primary communications channels (KTRT and the Methow Valley News) are able to provide essential communications.

A second grant from MVLTR is funding a Business and Economic Development Coordinator position starting in June. This collaborative effort between MVLTR, the Twisp and Winthrop Chambers and TwispWorks brings a new resource to oversee development and implementation of programs that increase the resilience of the Methow Valley’s small business community, including small business expansion and development. This position will coordinate local and regional resources to provide technical assistance to local businesses and develop opportunities to bring greater economic resiliency to individual businesses and the larger Methow Valley economy.

Later this month, MVLTR will kick off a housing affordability and availability assessment to help develop a strategy to address the lack of housing in the Methow Valley. Plans are also in the works to provide more preparedness classes through the Methow Ready program.

I’m excited to be working on these projects and believe they are at the heart of the TwispWorks mission to promote economic vitality in the Methow Valley. I’m glad TwispWorks provides a place where people and ideas come together and am especially appreciative that you all are a part of this incredible vision!