TwispWorks and the Basque Government

On this glorious clear morning, we’ve got some exciting and interesting news to share!

TwispWorks was recently selected to participate in the final stage of an international research project about cultural creativity and innovation, led by the Basque Government in northern Spain. TwispWorks is providing insight about our innovations in the Methow Valley while dealing with so many of the challenges we know exist. We are also sharing how we are tackling these challenges with an approach that keeps us nimble and capable of addressing multiple issues simultaneously, whether that’s supporting businesses with investments through the Methow Investment Network or providing a place for artists to grow and hone their crafts here on campus, or collaborating with another organization.

Initiated in 2012, this study is key to understanding the means to support innovation for the development of culture and community throughout the world. In October, international innovators, government leaders, UNESCO officials, and creative economy specialists are gathering for the final conference and release of the research data.

The Basque Government has invited our very own executive director Sarah Brown (and is paying my way!) to Spain to present TwispWorks’ approach to community building at the coming conference! She will be talking about our campus on a historic US Forest Service compound, our recently constructed automotive shop for the career and technical education for our local school district, the Methow Investment Network, and our selection as an Innovation Cluster Accelerator to support and sustain a livable Methow Valley economy.

She is also planning to listen, ask a lot of questions, and learn how other communities around the world are supporting their economy, culture, environment, and people. We’re so excited for the insight she will bring back to our community!