Twisp, the movie!

Twisp Movie LogoTwispWorks partner Leslee Goodman reports that she has nearly completed shooting on her documentary-in-progress, Twisp: The Power of Community. The film explores the people and values that make Twisp a thriving community, rather than another abandoned farm town or commercialized strip of interstate.

“It’s essentially a love letter to my adopted home,” she says. “I’m so impressed with the way the people of the Methow are willing to endure a certain amount of hardship and forego a certain amount of wealth accumulation in exchange for activities that build happiness and community. How many towns our size tackle big challenges like affordable housing and childcare, or boast cultural amenities like an orchestra, a theater, art galleries and studios, a radio station, a newspaper, writing and poetry groups, a marimba band, line dancing, concerts, and even primitive skills gatherings?”

TwispWorks—and TwispWorks partners—have been a centerpiece of filming thus far, with Don Linnertz, Don Ashford, Don Nelson, Glenn and Carolyn Schmekel, Danica Ready, Julie Muyllaert, Ray Johnston, Sarah Jo Lightner, Trent Whatley, and Jonathan Baker all contributing interviews. (For clips from some of those—and other—interviews, visit TwispWorks was also the setting for the WildMind Film Camp, where Goodman first acquired her documentary skills six years ago.

Goodman received an Artist Trust GAP grant to launch the project and is seeking sponsors to help defray the film’s other expenses—like music rights, stock footage, and film festival entry fees. (T-shirts are also available!) Early sponsors include Hank’s Harvest Foods, Barnyard Cinema, Parks Construction, and the MVCC. The film will be completed by October. For more information about Twisp: The Power of Community, visit