Thank You, Phil Davis!

TwispWorks Board - Phil Davis

Curious, Visionary, Impact Maker, Loyal, Caring, Leader, Quick Witted, Change Agent.

These are just some of the words that come to mind when one thinks of Phil Davis and his six-year tenure on the TwispWorks Board of Directors. His imagination was sparked from the first campus tour he took with his wife Cathy in 2016, and his genuine interest in the project quickly took root. Having just completed service on several boards, Phil said he really needed to take a break, so we let him. But, in less than a year, he moved from being a generous supporter of TwispWorks programming to a dedicated volunteer and board member.

Phil joined the board in 2017 and immediately put his skills to work. Throughout his tenure he served on the finance, development, and executive committees, lending his talent and creativity freely. He provided wise counsel in balancing the capital needs of a quickly developing campus and the program needs that ensure TwispWorks’ many community and campus partners thrive. He created important connections throughout the community and helped TwispWorks establish a firm financial footing at a very critical point in the organization’s development. No matter how challenging the issue, Phil could be counted on to approach it with savvy, humor, and a can-do attitude.

One of Phil’s greatest accomplishments during his tenure has been his leadership and support during the creation of TwispWorks’ Methow Investment Network. His careful oversight of the development of the program was matched only by his wholehearted advocacy for investing in quality local business proposals. While investing in Methow Valley businesses is compelling in itself, Phil’s enthusiasm and dedication brought many new investors to this successful program. He’s not only a tireless advocate of the program, but an enthusiastic investor who has been instrumental in the sustainable growth of businesses large and small in the Methow Valley.

As Phil’s service to TwispWorks comes to a close, the Board, Staff, and Campus Partners thank him for the impact he has had in our community and on TwispWorks. Phil has invested deeply in the success of TwispWorks and its people and has created lasting memories for all of us. As we bid this fond farewell, one last word describing Phil comes to mind: friend.

Thank you, Phil! You are deeply appreciated for the legacy you have left and the joy you have brought to the organization!

Written by Don Linnertz