Talking Beer with the Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Old Schoolhouse Brewery New LabelsThis month we thought we’d catch up with Jacob, co-owner and manager of the Old Schoolhouse Brewery in Winthrop and the OSB Taproom here on the TwispWorks campus,  to get an update on all things beer!

TwispWorks: Howdy Jacob, thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to fill us in on all the amazing things happening in your world! We were pretty excited to have ourselves a delicious pint of your Canyon Street Ale the other day. Can you give us the backstory on this delicious brew?

Jacob: As an employer of cheerful, hardworking folks in the valley, the lack of affordable housing options is an issue that hammers at us every year. That’s one reason we are excited to be a Founding Business Member of the Methow Housing Trust. We brewed a super tasty & popular pale ale called Canyon Street, to commemorate the first homes being built in Twisp. OSB makes it a point to support our local nonprofits and businesses including : TwispWorks, Methow Arts, Little Star, The Cove, Jamie’s Place,North Cascades Heli, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Methow Conservancy, Methow Trails, FOWL, Backcountry Hunters & Angler, Ian Fair Memorial Fund, Trashion Show, Methow Headwaters, Methow Trails Groomers and the Kiwanis Club of Winthrop – whew!

We hear you’ve got some exciting new brews in the works, but also that your current beers have been cleaning up on the awards circuit.

We are always putting out new beers into the world, and I’m really excited about some upcoming releases. We’ve been slaying it with awards lately, check out our winners!
Hooligan Stout, Great American Beer Festival Winner; Ruud Awakening, SIP Northwest Winner; Rendezvous Porter, Best of Craft 2019; Eddy Hopper, SIP Northwest Double Gold Winner; and Easy Runaway, SIP Northwest &amp Great American Beer Fest Winner.

Now we know its all about what’s inside the bottle that counts, but we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful new labels on your bottles…

We underwent a long process of re-branding that finished up with some bright labels that really showcase the Methow Valley—this includes the Methow Made logo. We are excited to advertise to Washington State what an incredible thing we have here in the Methow.

So we have to ask, with the building of the new production facility on the TwispWorks campus, is the pub in Winthrop going anywhere?

OSB Production Building ConstructionOur Winthrop Brewpub isn’t changing or going anywhere. We will still brew beer in Winthrop—that is part of the charm of going to our brewpub—knowing that the beer you enjoy at the bar was made a few footsteps away. Since our Production Brewery facility is on the TwispWorks campus, we made the decision with our branding to broadcast “Methow Valley” as our location on our marketing materials, which really gets to the heart of inclusivity and togetherness. We are excited to branch out into some new beer styles once we have more fermenter and brite tank space.

Phew! You can check out all the progress on the new production facility by stopping by the TwispWorks campus. While you’re there don’t forget to stop into the Taphouse for a pint of delicious Canyon Street Ale! The Taproom is open Wednesday through Sunday from 4-9PM. If you’re chillin in Winthrop visit the Brewery at 155 Riverside Ave – open everyday!