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Methow Investment Network

You’ll hear from business owners who were funded earlier this year, and you’ll hear pitches any potential new business owners.¬†We’ll also discuss the housing crises and ways local investment networks are solving similar issues throughout Washington State.

Click here to join the meeting. Members only please.

Email Julie to find out more about the investment network and apply to be a member!

Meeting of the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board

Private meeting of the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board.
Please contact the organizer with any questions.

Housing Solutions Network

Private meeting of the Housing Solutions Network.

Please contact Don Linnertz for details.

Rebuilding Better: Local Investment Networks and the Post-Covid Economy

Quarterly meeting of the Methow Investment Network. This meeting will focus on providing information and imagining the possibilities of the LINs role in rebuilding the economy post-COVID-19.

If you are not a member of the Methow Investment Network, but are interested in attending this meeting please contact Julie Tate-Libby for more information.

This meeting will be held via Zoom.

TwispWorks Foundation Board of Directors Meeting

Monthly meeting of the TwispWorks Foundation Board of Directors.

This meeting is held in the Gateway Conference Room, Building #1, TwispWorks Campus

This meeting is open to partners and community members, but please email the organizer prior to attending to be added to the agenda.