Leslee Goodman posing and smiling with her professional video camera in front of a dark blue background.

Long time TwispWorks partner Leslee Goodman is the founder and principal of Alchemy On Demand, a PR, marketing, and communications agency operating out of the Gateway building right here on campus.

Her latest project put her in the producer seat, a documentary, “The Doctrine of Recovery”, featuring three generations of Tribal women exposing the devastating influence of the Doctrine of Discovery.

The piece has recently been selected by a distributor, Freestyle Releasing, and will have a life beyond the festival circuit.

Alchemy On Demand is also working with the University of Minnesota Pharmacology School, which is sponsoring a screening of the film on October 24th, and with the Wenatchee Valley Museum, which will sponsor a screening of the film on November 9th.

We’re so proud of your work Leslee and can’t wait to see what you do next!