Small Business Emergency Grant

Small Business Emergency Grant

In partnership with the Methow Valley Long Term Recovery Organization (MVLTRO), TwispWorks is pleased to announce the Methow Valley Small Business Emergency Grant opportunity for small businesses in the Methow Valley. Our vision is to help build resiliency and diversity in our vital business community and to minimize impacts due the pandemic.

Since its inception in 2014, MVLTRO, a group of nonprofits and key stakeholders in the community, have worked together to identify unmet needs in our community and build capacity within local non-profits like TwispWorks, Room One, The Cove and Aero Methow. The goal of MVLTRO is to build stability in our community during times of crisis, such as Covid-19. Through their outreach to community, TwispWorks and Room One have identified several emerging needs among small businesses who don’t fit the requirements for federal funding, or have not yet received unemployment benefits. We recognize that doing business in the Methow Valley is difficult under the best of times, and we want to help all small businesses survive and ultimately thrive.




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Updated June 19, 2020


The Small Business Emergency Grant is a $1500 grant to be used for immediate relief (rent payments, utilities and other fixed business expenses) or recovery purposes (projects to help your business pivot to new markets, such as developing a web presence, eCommerce site, or any other idea to make your business more successful). The first funding cycle will take place between May 11 – May 20th, with grant awards determined on May 21st. Initially we plan to give out 10 business grants, with the hope of opening a second funding cycle as additional funds allow.

Any Methow Valley business and business owner is welcome to apply. Grant decisions will be based on several factors including businesses who demonstrate immediate need or innovative ideas to grow their business during this time. We encourage applications from small, service-based businesses, businesses unable to operate during this time and those with 3 or fewer employees.


Application Requirements

• Applicants must be able to provide a social security, UBI or EIN number.
• Applicants must be 18 years or older.
• Applicants must be eligible to work and do business in Washington State.
• Upon receiving an award, applicants must provide a photo of them or their business and one paragraph ‘telling their story’. Applicants must also provide a W-9 to TwispWorks.

If you need help applying for or have questions regarding this grant, please email or call (360) 707-1091.

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The Opportunity
Become a funding partner in the creation of the Methow Valley Small Business Emergency Grant, administered by the TwispWorks Foundation. When you donate to TwispWorks through June 15, your donation will go directly to this important program. Your gift will help build resiliency and diversity in our small business community and help our local economy recover stronger.

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