Small Business Emergency Grant

Small Business Emergency Grant

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and in partnership with the Methow Valley Long Term Recovery Organization (MVLTRO), TwispWorks launched the Methow Valley Small Business Emergency Grant opportunity for small businesses in the Methow Valley. Our vision is to help build resiliency and diversity in our vital business community and to minimize impacts due the pandemic.

Since its inception in 2014, MVLTRO, a group of nonprofits and key stakeholders in the community, have worked together to identify unmet needs in our community and build capacity within local non-profits like TwispWorks, Room One, The Cove and Aero Methow. The goal of MVLTRO is to build stability in our community during times of crisis, such as Covid-19. Through their outreach to community, TwispWorks and Room One have identified several emerging needs among small businesses who don’t fit the requirements for federal funding, or have not yet received unemployment benefits. We recognize that doing business in the Methow Valley is difficult under the best of times, and we want to help all small businesses survive and ultimately thrive.




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Updated July 28, 2020


The Small Business Emergency Grant is pleased to announce a 4th round of funding, opening September 8th, 2020. In partnership with the Methow Valley Long Term Recovery Organization and Okanogan County’s Economic Alliance, TwispWorks launched the Small Business Emergency Grant in May this year to give $1500 to those businesses most impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Over the past four months we have raised $91,600 and given a total of 37 grants to local businesses.

In this Fourth Round of funding, we invite businesses and nonprofits who employ more than 2-3 employees, and who have had substantial losses due to cancelled events or loss of revenue from the Coronavirus pandemic. If you have not applied yet, please do so by September 25th, 2020. Applications will be reviewed after the 25th, and awards distributed the following week.

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Become a funding partner in the creation of the Methow Valley Small Business Emergency Grant, administered by the TwispWorks Foundation. When you donate to TwispWorks through June 15, your donation will go directly to this important program. Your gift will help build resiliency and diversity in our small business community and help our local economy recover stronger.

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Bear Creek Golf Course

Receiving an emergency grant is such a relief to us during the Covid-19 business climate. Our grant will go directly towards fixing our main work cart that has been out of service for over a month so far! This work cart is important to us for our daily maintenance operations, as well as for necessary special projects on the golf course. It is a very big expense for us, so this Grant will go a long way to helping relieve some of the financial stress of paying the invoice. And, we can now take on those projects we have been delaying until the work cart is back on sight and running! Thank you, TwispWorks Foundation, for helping our anchor community business during this 2020 Covid-19 golf season!

2020 SBEG Diamond PatinaDiamond Patina

Diamond Patina feels extremely blessed for this opportunity to receive such an amazing grant. We just started this small business journey not even a year ago and this money has allowed up to stay afloat during these hard times by helping with our many bills and providing comfort when we needed it the most. We are so very grateful!

2020 SBEG FiberFiber

Thank You TwispWorks for this small business grant! My business fell through the cracks of all the big government grants and even state level grants. This local grant will help cover my rent for 2 months while I try to regain all the momentum my business had before the covid shutdown. Thank You to all the donors that want to keep our valley healthy and prosperous. Now we just need shoppers!

2020 SBEG GatheredGathered

The Small Business Emergency Grant money will help Gathered build an online presence that could help sustain business during the uncertain winter months to come.

2020 SBEG Becky StudenGoldenhorn Enterprises

The Emergency Small Business Grant has enabled me and my yoga business, Goldenhorn Enterprises, to continue to pay rent for my yoga studio space at Twisp Movement Studio. I have not been able to teach yoga since late March and as a result, have had no income coming into my yoga business. Before I received this grant, I was contemplating closing my yoga business after teaching in Twisp for over ten years. This grant has enabled me to plan for the time when I will begin to teach classes in the studio setting again. I am deeply grateful to those that made this grant possible and gave me the boost I needed to continue on during this challenging time. Namaste

2020 SBEG Hoodoo BloomsHoodoo Blooms

We picked a unique time to start a small farm business. Before the pandemic, we anticipated in-person community connections, to help us make our presence known, and distribute our products. Given social distancing mandates and lockdowns, we’ve had to restructure. Thanks to this grant, we’re able to offset those unforeseen marketing costs and purchase our first greenhouse! Thanks to the generosity and support of so many here in our Methow community, in the form of relief funds, we can grow a wider diversity of nutritious and delicious food.

2020 SBEG Mary Gray Personal TrainerMary Gray

Mary Gray, certified personal trainer, “I’m immensely grateful to whoever the decision-makers are for the small business grants. It is encouraging to know that people feel that I’ve contributed to the health and wellness of Methow Valley. That’s what I strive to do.”

2020 SBEG Motive YogaMotive Yoga

Motive’s yoga studio opened its doors for our first yoga class on February 8 and on March 14 we closed them due to covid-19. The first thing I asked myself as a brand- new studio owner was “How can we continue to serve the Valley’s yoga community especially in a time like this?”  This grant will help us finance the technology and marketing needed for our online offerings and to help pay the lease on our beautiful studio space that we will warmly welcome our students back to with a slow re-opening. Thank you TwispWorks for helping us weather this storm with a feeling of support and hope!

2020 SBEG OSBOld Schoolhouse Brewery

The Old Schoolhouse Brewery was delighted to be selected for this grant, and immediately put this money to work hiring new staff and training all staff on the new COVID-19 Protocols. We concurrently purchased several pallets of cans and hired a mobile canner so that we can put our beer into more markets. This pandemic has been very hard on the hospitality industry, and the brewery industry as a whole, and we are grateful for this local grant that enables us to continue being a leader in the Methow Valley.

2020 SBEG River RunRiver Run Inn

The River Run Inn is a small, private, family-owned business that relies solely on tourism and people looking for a place to go for vacation. Unfortunately, since the state had been closed for non-essential travel/activities and being a small business with no outside funding, we are really hurting right now. This grant is really going to help us in paying off some bills we are behind on due to the pandemic. Thank you so much for choosing our business for the TwispWorks Small Business Emergency Grant, this is such an honor and a huge help to our small business here in the Methow Valley.

2020 SBEG Terrys Appliance RepairTerry’s Appliance Repair

My responsibility as “Terry’s Appliance” consist of repairs to domestic household appliances including refrigeration and warranty work. I am 79 years old in good health but due to my age and other household member’s health, I had to discontinue working in March. Appliance repair is considered essential due to the need for clean laundry, refrigeration and cooking and I have recently returned to work on a part time basis. The lack of income for 2 months created a need for additional funds for continued obligations to creditors, utilities and suppliers. Thank you for the support.

2020 SBEG Iron HorseThe Iron Horse

Owner Misuk Ko, “The generous grant will allow us to cover expenses for the nearly two months we were entirely closed prior to Phase I curbside sales: the (generously reduced) rents at the Farmers Exchange Building, utilities, and the costs of opening up online retail at”

2020 SBEG Thrifty FoxThe Thrifty Fox

The Thrifty Fox had just made it through the slow winter and we were gearing up for a busy spring when we had to close. With the grant I received from Twisp Works, I was able to pay off my very late water bill that was growing way too large, was also able to pay rent and power for the month of June. My small savings that had dwindled over the winter had just run out, and I received this grant just in time! I am so grateful for our generous community, and feel so lucky to have a business here that people are willing to fight for. We miss everyone and we’ll see you soon! 

2020 SBEG Robin DoggettTrue North Letterpress

This little hamlet of a town never ceases to amaze. Thanks this grant the presses at True North Letterpress will keep turning. Small rural businesses like ours rely on their local community for longevity and we are SO thankful to be a part of this one! As a new business I was having a hard time qualifying for any of the federal funding available after Covid-19 stay at home orders went into place. With the help of this grant we’ve been able to stay in the black and purchase much needed supplies for printing more goods to sell as things start to re-open again. Establishing a business in an economy as small as ours takes time and without this little bit of help we may not have been able to see our vision through after such a major set-back.

2020 SBEG Twisp River Bed BreakfastTwisp River B&B

Denise and myself are very excited to have received a SBEG grant. The corona virus will have a lasting impact on us, as we have been closed for two months and we will now have reduced lodging capacity due to cleaning and sanitation protocol. We have been running the Twisp River Inn Bed & Breakfast for over 15 years in the upper Twisp River valley and have embraced the spirit of this community. Thank you for your support!

2020 SBEG Chaya KudlaTwisp River Wellness

Owner Chaya Kudla, “This grant has been so helpful. I haven’t been successful acquiring other means of support for my business during this time and the Twispworks grant helped pay for some of my monthly overhead expenses, to keep my business afloat. With children home from school and my practice abruptly halted, it was a relief to have some assistance during this time. Thank you so much!”

2020 SBEG Winthrop Guitar StudiosWinthrop Guitar Studios

Owner Steve Kish, “The Small Business Emergency Grant has manifested a moment of calm, and peace of mind. Like the contours of a melody emanating from the Symphony, fully engulfing the mind, allowing for a respite from uncertainty. CoVid and the lockdown, literally shutdown all my income streams. Not only reeling from the magnitude of a global pandemic and its immediate impact on my family and our well being, but then the reality of how do I pay rent? Where do I go from here? How secure is my safety net, and how long will my savings last? This grant gives me answers and clear direction. Thank You Twispworks and to all the people and organizations that have helped fund this project!”

2020 SBEG YoDogYoDog

The business grant was much appreciated for YoDog. Being closed for a month and a half and receiving no other financial help took a toll on the pocketbook. The money will be used mostly to pay the bills. After several unsuccessful applications to regional grants, it was nice to finally feel the love from my local community. I have been open almost five years now and being a first time business owner I didn’t know what to expect. In these four years I have continued to receive an overwhelming amount of support and gratitude. Thanks a million. Very happy to live here. Perhaps when this all blows over we can get together in the new YoDog backyard for yappy hour and chat about it.