Small Business Emergency Grant Launches

In partnership with the Methow Valley Long Term Recovery Organization (MVLTRO), TwispWorks is pleased to announce the Methow Valley Small Business Emergency Grant opportunity for small businesses in the Methow Valley. Our shared vision is to help build resiliency and diversity in our vital small business community to minimize business closures due to the pandemic.

Since its inception in 2014, MVLTRO has been identifying unmet needs in our community and building capacity at local non-profits like TwispWorks, Room One, The Cove and Aero Methow to build stability in our community during times of crisis. Through the course of outreach to Methow Valley Businesses and clients, TwispWorks and Room One simultaneously identified an emerging need among many small business owners who need a safety net while they wait for unemployment or loan requests to be fulfilled or who may not qualify for other aid. This need translated into the creation of the Methow Valley Small Business Emergency Grant. Starting May 21st, business grants of $1,500 will be awarded for either immediate relief (paying rent, utilities, and other fixed business expenses) or for recovery purposes (projects to help businesses pivot to new markets and become more resilient and viable).

The Challenge:
The Methow Valley Small Business Community is diverse, resilient and fragile. While many businesses have secured COVID-19 relief funding through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or have been able to put employees on expanded unemployment benefits, some businesses are still falling through the cracks. Here are some examples:
• A small office/art supply store that received PPP is able to pay employees, rent and utilities, but has no working capital to purchase inventory and is not able to pay herself
• A hairdresser who is a sole proprietor has been unable to secure PPP and rent on her salon is past due. It will be many weeks before she is able to reopen
• A restaurant owner who’s employees are on unemployment but who has little working capital to purchase ingredients for a new take-out menu
• A number of recently purchased businesses do not qualify for PPP because they do not meet the requirement of being in business prior to February 15, 2020
• An unknown number of house cleaners, trainers, landscapers, therapists, music teachers, performers and other self-employed small business owners are struggling to meet fixed expenses that cannot be met through assistance from our food bank and social service agency

The Opportunity
Become a funding partner in the creation of the Methow Valley Small Business Emergency Grant, administered by the TwispWorks Foundation. Provide a direct donation to the TwispWorks Foundation that will be used to fund and administer a local Small Business Emergency Grant fund making $1,500 grants to businesses who have immediate needs that are not being met by existing programs.

The Fund will be announced the week of May 11 with selection and funding of the first round of businesses complete by May 21. Additional funding rounds will be rolled out as funding becomes available. Visit our COVID-19 Business Resource Page to apply!

If you want to partner with us and support the Methow Valley Small Business Emergency Grant, you can donate online at or mail a check to TwispWorks, P.O. Box 264, Twisp, WA 98856 and indicate your gift is for “Small Business Emergency Grant”. THANK YOU for investing in the sustainability of our community and for supporting the small businesses that are the heart of the Methow Valley Economy.

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