Slow is the New Fast

We're here to turn the Methow hustle into a line dance.

TwispWorks is a diverse place—our partners on campus vary from architecture to welding, our partnerships across the valley and region include economic development, housing, arts and education, the businesses we serve and the programs we deliver…the list goes on. But why are we here?

As one staff member recently quipped, “We’re here to turn the Methow hustle into a line dance.”

We specialize in seeing the beauty in our community and investing in it through placemaking and programs. We know through lived experience, partnerships, and service that making it here is a challenge, and making it as a small business or artist is even more challenging. Our Comprehensive Economic Study of the Methow highlighted just how close to the edge many of our businesses are most of the time, and how many of our community members work multiple jobs and still struggle to make ends meet due to the high cost of living. Constant hustle is not the same as continuous improvement.

Slowing down can improve our lives, our businesses, and our community outcomes. We’re ready to honor the efficiency and improved outcomes that are borne from taking the hustle out of daily living. When our community is oriented toward doing a line dance and not a hustle we’re not all doing exactly the same thing at the same time— there’s always the flourish of independent expression in the swing of a skirt or the flash of a belt buckle– but we’re moving toward the same goal at the same time.

In our news this month, you’ll see we’re serious about eliminating the Methow hustle and supporting a more sustainable and efficient life and business atmoshpere throughout our community. Won’t you join us in the Methow line dance? There’s space on the dance floor for us all.

Written by Executive Director Sarah Brown