Methow Made

Methow Made makes it easy for people who love the Methow Valley to experience local products and flavors and to support the local economy. Methow Made farmers, artisan food and beverage producers, artists, and craftspeople make their products with at least 75% of the ingredients and/or labor from right here in the Methow Valley.

Interested in participating in the Methow Made program?

Methow Made is a marketing program that gives Methow Valley producers, makers, and artists exposure to customers who love the Methow Valley and want to support our local economy.

Who can participate?
Producers apply to have their products included. The products that can be labeled as “Methow Made” need to have at least 75% of the product’s value (ingredients and/or labor) coming from the Methow Valley. The products also have to meet basic requirements for product labeling and food safety.

The program is organized by product. As long as a product meets the criteria laid out in the application it will be listed on the Methow Made website and other marketing materials. The program is a partnership between TwispWorks and Methow Valley businesses. Criteria for participation were created through a community stakeholder process.

What does it mean to participate?
Participating producers choose the level of exposure they want. A product can be listed only online, only in local publications, only on social media, etc., as desired. Producers may use the Methow Made symbol on approved products, but are under no obligation to do so.

The program is funded in large part through the annual membership dues. Annual membership delivers the following benefits:

  • Inclusion in the annual Methow Valley News Methow Made magazine
  • Special Methow Made display shelves featured in stores throughout the Valley
  • Methow Made collateral including stickers and shelf hangers
  • Early access to TwispWorks programming and events
  • Social media promotion and bi-monthly eNews

Acceptance into the program does not guarantee placement in any retail location; it is up to retailers and producers to negotiate purchase and placement of any goods.

To learn more about becoming a Methow Made member, contact or call (509) 997-3300.