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The Methow Investment Network connects investors who want to see their money work in a community they love by investing in local business owners who need capital to start up or grow. Our members are residents and visitors who understand that keeping their funds local facilitates economic self-sufficiency and job growth in the Methow Valley. Business opportunities are distributed to members as received. Members come together for business profile and networking events 3-4 times/year.

TwispWorks’ mission is to promote economic vitality in the Methow Valley. We know that one of the key barriers to starting or growing a small business is access to capital. That’s why in 2017 we created the Methow Valley Investment Network (MIN). MIN creates opportunities for local individuals, businesses, and investors to network, build prosperous local businesses, invest money in our community and help build a more resilient, sustainable economy in the Methow Valley.

I want to start or grow a Methow Valley business…

Any business based in the Methow Valley school district boundary (Gold Creek to Mazama) is welcome to apply for a loan. You must be prepared to share information about your business, submit an application and present your idea to investor members. TwispWorks acts only as a matchmaker. Businesses work directly with members on investment opportunities. Watch our 5-minute training video below for details.

I want to invest in Methow Valley businesses…

Anyone interested in investing their money in Methow Valley-based businesses to help facilitate economic self-sufficiency and job growth is welcome to join MIN. The MIN is not a bank or loan fund and members do not make collective investment decisions. TwispWorks acts only as a matchmaker and members work directly with businesses on investment opportunities. Watch our 5-minute training video below for details.

MIN Success Stories

North Cacades Mountain Hostel

North Cascades Mountain Hostel opened in 2013. As a new business, we were excited to see the immediate demand and watch our business grow over the next few years. In 2019 we decided to expand our operations by proposing a remodel to the main hostel building and adding a new cabin as well as upgrading utilities. Unfortunately, the high interest rate on our commercial loan made it impossible to move ahead. In 2020, we approached the Methow Investment Network and were able to sit down with real people and talk through our business plan and finances. It was refreshing to be able to cut through the red tape and have an honest conversation. Through the Methow Investment Network, we were able to refinance the hostel and begin renovations and additions to the hostel property. The experience felt like a win-win for both the investor and us. Working with the Methow Investment Network has been one of more positive experiences of running our business in the Methow. We couldn’t be more happy.

Hanging basket in Winthrop by Creative Gardens West

Creative Gardens West

Creative Gardens West is on solid footing because the community has invested in us. Methow Investment Network challenged our team to research the market and hone our services thanks to the valuable feedback from members. Having their support provided the confidence and accountability banks will not supply. Thank you for your help.

Photo looking up from the street to the outside dining on the deck.

Jupiter in Winthrop

The TwispWorks Methow Investment Network was instrumental in supporting the purchase and launch of our new business endeavor, which not only is located centrally in the Methow Valley, but will be helping locals, too. An aging business with a stellar location will be updated and transformed into a vibrant community hub called Jupiter. Additionally, Jupiter will benefit locals directly by offering year-long, living wage jobs, by supporting local farmers whenever possible, and by offering quality and inspiring food and service to patrons. We believe that good business is good for business — creating a vibrant and inspiring business can only help increase patronage for all businesses and thereby creates goodwill for the community. None of this would be possible without the support of the Methow Investment Network.