North Pole Studio





The Gateway Building

By Appointment

North Pole Studio is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable arts organization, renting a 1,200 sq/ft studio space in NW Marine Artworks, Portland’s largest collaborative of professional artist studios.

The North Pole Studio supports careers in the arts, and exists to increase opportunities for artists with autism and intellectual/developmental disabilities to thrive as active members of the arts community. We foster self-determination and facilitate meaningful connections through total engagement in the arts.

We believe that a collective understanding of diverse human experiences is foundational to a vibrant and whole community. Through studio practice and community engagement, we ensure that artists with autism and I/DD thrive as engaged, visible, and thriving contributors to the local and national contemporary art community.

Sula Willson, Co-Founder, has an office in the Gateway Building on the TwispWorks campus.

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