Foxtail Pottery

An array of Foxtail Pottery Bowls sit on a sunny table.



Building Q – The West Shed – Unit 1

By appointment

Mandy Shoger of Foxtail PotteryGrowing up in the countryside of Illinois, from a very young age Mandy dreamed of living in the mountains and roaming among fields of wildflowers. She now works as a full-time potter in Twisp, carefully handcrafting functional ceramics from her small shed at home and at her Twispworks studio. She works with an unusual chocolate-colored clay and focuses on finishing her work with bold patterns and high contrast glazes that lend both a modern and rustic look to her pottery. She sells at the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Twisp, as well as at her studio at Twispworks and occasionally online. She spends the remainder of her time hiking and skiing with her dogs, as well as tending to her flower garden and flock of ducks.

Limited custom order slots can be booked online, and you can find freshly fired pieces every Saturday at the Farmer’s Market! To stop by her Twispworks studio, check her website for her current open hours!

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