Other COVID-19 Resources

TwispWorks Gear SunriseGovernment and nonprofit organizations throughout the Methow Valley are in close collaboration to ensure individuals and families meet their basic needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to our Community Partners for their collaboration and important contributions at this time.

Parents & Caregivers

Local Resources

Spend A Ben

TwispWorks and the Methow Conservancy have partnered to launch Spend a Ben – an online sales campaign where people can purchase goods, services and gift certificates from participating local businesses or contribute to one of the Methow Valley’s great nonprofits.

People can visit www.SpendABenMethow.org and pledge to spend $100, or really any amount, at participating businesses and nonprofits. You can also enter to win a tour of the TwispWorks campus including a behind the scenes tour of the OSB Brewery or win a guided hike through the Methow Conservancy’s Meadowlark Natural Area. Time and date to be determined.

Go to SpendaBenMethow.org Web site and you’ll find all participants listed alphabetically and with a single click, you’ll be taken directly to a business or nonprofit’s eCommerce platform.

Please consider spending a Ben and show your support for Methow Valley businesses, nonprofits and the community. We’re all in this together!

Health & Safety

Thank you for heeding the advice of public health officials and civic leaders in the days ahead. We are living in a new normal temporarily and TwispWorks will be here to provide access to relief resources and throughout the recovery period to provide assistance.

We will update this page as more resources become available so please check back often. You can reach us directly at BusinessSupport@TwispWorks.Org.