Studio B

Studio B, Batya FriedmanSeattle-based stone carver Batya Friedman occupies an open-air studio space in TwispWorks South Shed. A student of Pratt-based stone carver Sabah Al-Dhaher, Friedman started carving seven years ago, intrigued by the challenge of working with stone.

Her hand-carved approach works to honor the natural form of the stone, a technique termed “direct carving” and the three pieces of Kansas limestone currently in the South Shed are Batya’s biggest undertaking to date. In a past life, they served as fence posts out on the Kansas prairie; so, while they’ve already been worked over a bit by man, they are peppered with imbedded fossils of ancient shells and plants.

Stop by and check them out!

T: (206) 351-6414

Building 11 – South Shed
Hours by appointment

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