Spartan Art Project

A space dedicated to fresh, challenging art lives on the TwispWorks campus, in the form of a 37-foot, 1951 Spartan Imperial Mansion travel trailer.
Spartan Art Project

We want to use the Spartan Art Project to draw new people into art, to generate an unconventional interest in the art scene. . . a low-cost space allows curators and artists alike to take risks and worry less about selling art.


The Spartan Art Project - Matt Ambrust, Steve Ward and Jeff WinslowThe Spartan Art Project is the brainchild of local artists Matt Armbrust, Steve Ward and Jeff Winslow. Together, these three artists transformed the shiny silver trailer into a gallery space for local, regional and nationally ranked artists’ works, with a focus on art that would seem unconventional in a typical gallery.

The team stripped the Spartan’s exterior paint and restored it to the original aluminum finish, gutted the inside, replaced the subflooring and insulated the walls. The new floor was made from reclaimed wooden kiln slats from the now vacant Longview Fibre Co. wood mill outside of Leavenworth.

Located between the Performing Arts Pavilion and the Bernard Hosey Building
Hours by appointment.

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