Methow Photo Arts

Methow Photo- Arts, Sherry Malotte Sherry Malotte is a photographer and artist who finds magic in working with animals, nature, abstract imagery and architecture. She often mixes media by adding pastels, pencil, wax or paint to her prints but there is always a photographic element. Sherry employs slow shutter speed and movement techniques to make bold, colorful, abstract images that evoke wonder and curiosity.

She also loves to make images of architecture, considering the places where people shelter, nest and make their place in the world. Sherry has years of experience in real estate and can attest to the results that professional images have on the sale of real estate.

Methow Photo Arts - "Rudy"Sherry licenses her work for commercial use, sells prints and artwork and is available for projects and assignments throughout the West.

T: (360) 303-2076
Instagram @sherrymalottephoto

Building 10 – South Warehouse
Hours by appointment

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