Heroncraft Alicia Heron WorkingAlicia and Paige Heron are dedicated craftspeople, inspired by the many layers of interdependence found in the living world. They offer a wide variety of fiber arts and woodwork including furniture, bows & arrows, weaving, greenwood carving, and timber frames.

While they are familiar with various types of construction, they understand the tremendous ecological & biological impacts of the building industry and would like to offer non-toxic, high-efficiency, carbon-storing alternatives.

Heroncraft Paige Heron WorkingThey aim to increase the economic, social and ecological vitality of this bioregion, prioritizing the use of local materials and collaborating with local customers to meet the needs and desires of our community.

P: (509) 978-9037
E: connect@heroncraft.com
W: www.heroncraft.com

The South Shed, Unit 5, Building #11
Hours by appointment.

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