Glitter & Grit Silversmith

Glitter & Grit Silversmith - Turtle made with local stonesLocal silversmith and jeweler, Sarah Jo Lightner, offers silversmith classes and sells jewelry made with hand-pulled sterling silver and local stones out of her studio in the South Shed.

Sarah Jo Lightner has always been interested in silver jewelry, but didn’t start her career as a silversmith until 10 years ago. Wanting to go farther as a jeweler, Sara began studying silversmithing while working at a studio in Oregon, that led to a class at the Oregon College of Arts and Craft.

Over the years, Sarah  has refined her craft and now offers classes in hand pulling silver wire and making sheets incorporating native stones from the Methow Valley and the Pacific NorthWest. Currently, Sarah is working on a collection incorporating leather, bone, wings and wood.

T: (509) 429-5519
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See Sarah Jo’s work at The methow Valley Jewelers Collective
Building #9 – The Bernard Hosey Building
Friday – Sunday, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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