Crack in the Concrete, LLC – Anthony Twig Wheeler

Anthony "Twig" Wheeler HeadshotAnthony Twig Wheeler, who moved to Carlton in 1998, has relocated his home office and studio to TwispWorks to open the Crack in the Concrete, LLC – Productions and School for Applied Human Ecology –

Valley residents may remember Twig’s StressLess Series which aired on KTRT 97.5 during the 2014 and 2015 fire seasons.

Similar to that audio series, Twig’s projects, performances, workshops and online productions aim to translate emerging cultural, therapeutic and scientific insights about the nature of our nature and how we can either work with or against ourselves.

In his daily work Twig is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and trauma specialist providing consultation and educational programs for helping care professionals incorporating psycho-biology and trauma studies in their work with distressed people.

Common themes of Twig’s broader projects as a “Cultural Animator” include:
• Trauma and the nervous system;
• Human development and ontogeny;
• Resiliency and skill acquisition;
• Biophilia and bioregionalism;
• The ancestral and modern environment;
• Reciprocity and the sense of safety;
• How to make a good cup of tea and tell a good story…
All of which Twig treats with a twist as an improv performance artist, storyteller, somatic explorer, naturalist and primitive skills practitioner.

While at TwispWorks Twig’s Crack in the Concrete, LLC will be working on:
1. Creating in house productions that continue Twig’s works as are showcased at his website – where there is currently an extensive collection of resources for helping professionals and a growing portfolio of projects created for the general public.
2. Developing partnership projects with other educators, ecologists and helping practitioners around shared themes such as death and dying, trauma and recovery, various hand craft and survival skills teachings and other themes relevant to an applied human ecology.
3. Freelance media, storytelling and consulting work with local businesses, projects, events and “happenings” who want to utilize our assistance, skills and resources to make fun and helpful things for other people with a focus on sustainability, reciprocity, and creativity.
Also, the School for Applied Human Ecology will be offering occasional classes, workshops, presentations and events looking at the nature of the human organism, physiology, biology and evolution; the role of the stress response in trauma, success and the sense of well-being; the basics of daily life and human comfort like lighting a fire in adverse conditions, body warmth management, how to sharpen a knife, and practical “living-well-on-this-planet” stuff like that.

Twig and Crack in the Concrete, LLC recognizes that we are living through troubled times and intends to champion growth and liberation, despite the noise. They hope you’ll come visit on the 2nd floor of the Hosey Building at TwispWorks during one of their upcoming pro-social events.


Building N – The Bernard Hosey Founders Building – Unit 6 Upstairs
Hours by appointment.

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