Masha Falkov

Masha Falcov headshot

Masha Falkov is an artist working in digital media, lampworked glass, and ink. She’s made glass molecule models for science education, a post-psychedelic cyberpunk tarot deck, a graphic novel called The Gossamer Web, and many digital art pieces. Some of the themes she explores are the relationship we have with technology and nature, and our attempt as humans to bridge the two together. But many of her works are a way to express her curiosity about a wide range of interests into a visual tapestry. The glass is a way to bring those ideas into the tactile three-dimensional world…but also a way to let hands express themselves outside the world of abstraction. That’s why you’ll find fantastical trees and objects that look like they belong in the deep ocean in the cabinets.

Right now in her TwispWorks studio she’s working on a number of projects. Inside, you can find sculptures using driftwood populated with lampworked glass organisms. You’ll find her Molecule Zoo – glass models of chemical structures. Space marbles with nebulae trapped in glass that can be held in your hand! There are otherworldly canvas prints on the walls, made using Mandelbulb 3D fractals, digital painting, and photography. They’ll transport you to worlds that can only exist as mathematical abstractions outside of one’s imagination. Vivid ink and digital color pieces hang on the walls as well. And there’s a playable demo of Unstable Scientific, a retro-style videogame Masha and her husband are designing together. There’s printouts of the design process and sketches on the walls. Come in to explore, play, and chit-chat!

P: (509) 978-9037

Building A – The Gateway Building – Basement Suite
Hours by appointment.

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