Foxtail Pottery

Mandy Shoger Wheel

A longtime fan of the North Cascades, Mandy Shoger dreamed of moving to the area for years before she finally moved her ceramics practice, Foxtail Pottery, to TwispWorks.

She earned a BFA in 2001 with a focus in oil painting, but was lured by the meditative qualities of clay work soon after graduating college. She originally grew her functional ceramics business in Seattle for several years and now enjoys working with clients near and far to create dinnerware that they can use every day. Her work is carried in several shops and galleries across the country, and she can also be found online and monthly at Pike Place Market.

She enjoys straddling the design line between modern and rustic, using bold patterns inspired by architecture and textiles from around the world.

Mandy is excited that this new opportunity to work at Twispworks will give her more space to grow and evolve, and draw from the natural beauty of the people and landscapes found in the valley.


Building Q – The West Shed – Unit 1
By appointment

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