Alchemy On Demand

Alchemy On Demand

Leslee Goodman brings 30 years of strategic communications experience in public relations, media and community outreach to TwispWorks.

Her strength is in powerful storytelling, moving audiences to action, whether they are donors, customers, employees, regulators, investors, or the general public.

Alchemy On Demand, is a full-service creative agency with a passion for clients who are creating a world that works for everyone. They specialize in strategic messaging: telling the world who you are, what you do, and why it matters. From presenting a case to policymakers to elevating a brand to household status, they are specialists in raising awareness, building excitement, and getting results.

  • Comprehensive media outreach and support (marketing and communication strategies, press releases, story pitches, special events, online and social media, advertising campaigns, and more)
  • Content creation (websites, brochures, marketing collateral, speeches, presentations, videos — even prayers);
  • Fundraising, grant-writing, and sponsorship acquisition (no money, no mission);
  • Special events; project management, and
  • Whatever it takes, otherwise known as “Alchemy On Demand.”

Moon Magazine, Leslee Goodman

Leslee also publishes The MOON magazine, an online and print magazine that showcases short stories, essays, poetry and conscientious personal and universal reflections.


Building A – The Gateway Building – Office 9N
Hours by appointment.

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