Electric Car Charging at TwispWorks

Electric Car Charging Station

TwispWorks is one of eight electric car charging station sites located up and down the Methow Valley.

The TwispWorks charging station was installed by Plug-In North Central Washington, a non-profit subsidiary of the North Central Washington Economic Development District. The charging station, a high amperage level 2 unit, is located on the Northwest side of the Bernard Hosey Building, Building #9, on the TwispWorks campus and is available at no cost to anyone whose electric car may need some juice.

You can find out more about the benefits of electric vehicles and electric charging station locations by visiting Plug-In North Central Washington’s web site.

If the charging station at TwispWorks is in use or parking is unavailable, try these additional locations:
Twisp River Suites
Riverbend RV Park
Winthrop KOA
Pine Near RV Park
Mazama Country Inn
Sun Mountain Lodge
Pateros Lakeshore Inn

Please visit Plug In North Central Washington‘s website for further information