Educational Facilities Expansion

Current welding shop and bathrooms. Site of future automotive technology facility.
Welding shop

High school students here in the Methow Valley can look forward to an innovative expansion of career and technical education facilities at TwispWorks. The expansion will include:

  • Renovating and expanding the current welding shop, as well as building a new 2,000+ square-foot, two-bay automotive tech garage to replace the single car garage currently in use at the Independent Learning Center.
  • Improving the northeast corner of TwispWorks’ campus (includes the welding facility and future automotive tech facility, as well as the Little Star South Collaborative) to include pavement, connective pathways, and traffic control measures.

The welding shop renovations, including significant renovations to an existing classroom, have been completed. Bathrooms for exclusive student use as well as two bathrooms on the outside of the building for public use will open soon. TwispWorks expects to break ground on the automotive tech facility in early April.

The new facilities will help provide long term solutions for recent community challenges such as retention of youth talent, labor shortages, need for career and technical education opportunities, and lack of living wage jobs. The expansion is made possible by a strong partnership with the Methow Valley School District, which will provide the programming (equipment, curriculum, staff, enrollment, etc.) while TwispWorks provides and maintains the facility. The auto tech facility will have the capacity to include electric vehicles in the curriculum. Increasing career and technical education offerings was one of the key ideas to come out of the school district’s 2020 Dream Big planning process (see page 6).

The total cost for the career and technical education facilities expansion at TwispWorks is expected to be $1.47 million. A combined $1.23 million has been committed by Moccasin Lake Foundation ($758,000), Murdock Charitable Trust ($450,000), Confluence Health and Wenatchee Valley Medical Group Community Partnership Fund ($3,000), and others. TwispWorks is actively seeking additional grant funding, as well as donations from individuals and businesses to complete the project.

Thank You, Supporters!

Our grantors and donors are AMAZING! We are thrilled to have their support as we complete our educational facilities expansion. Please join us in thanking these generous foundations and businesses!

AgWest Farm Credit
Confluence Health & Wenatchee Valley Medical Group Community Partnership Fund at the Community Foundation of North Central Washington
Moccasin Lake Foundation
Murdock Charitable Trust

Blackcap Builders Collective
Serious Fun Studio
North Cascades Bank

Bruce Balick
John and Candice Battle
Bill Calderhead
David Caldwell and Nancy Kuta
Adrian Chavey and Gordon Reynaud
Carolyn Cilek
Mel Cooke
Susan Crampton
Phil and Cathy Davis
Laura Corvi and Robert Davis
Gary Dodson and Marguerita Jensen
Julia Ernest
Susan Ernsdorff and Rico Meleski
Carol L. Filer
Oliver and Fran Flor
Anne and Jon Fox
Bill and Lindy Gaylord
Pat Gilmer and Hal Scogin
Sierra Golden and Brian Hagenbuch
Don Givens and Jan Kittleson
Suzie Haberland and Stanislav Fritz
Nicholas Hershenow
Maria Hoffman
Rachel Hong
Perri and Craig Howard
Marcia Ives and Mel Cooke
William and Michele Karpenko
Elise Knight
Susie Kowalczyk and Kay Lee
Timothy Johnson
Ray and Mary Johnston
Don Linnertz and Scott Wallace
Cynthia Macklin
Alisa and Ken Malloch
Joe Marver
Kellar and Lauren McCloy
Craig and Allison McDonald
Chris and Tiffany Megargee
Celina and Patrick Mendel
Jacqui Metzger
Jennifer Molesworth and Paul Sallady
Michael and Mehri Moore
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William Pope and Teresa Castner
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Denny Trimble and Rachel Klein
Hannah Viano
Allyson Vlas
Jo Wallace and Bruce Nitsche
Sern Watt and Mari Siemon
Jason Williams and Duana Kolouskova
Lynette Westendorf and Richard Hart

In honor of Matt Kennedy, MVSD auto tech and welding instructor

Allyson Vlas
Gordon Benner

In honor of Curtis King, an autoshop owner in Twisp in the 1930s through the 1960s
Clayton King

In memory of Don’s father, Donald Robert Linnertz
Don Linnertz and Scott Wallace

In honor of Damian Spear, an enthusiastic welding student
David Wright and Judith Hardmeyer-Wright