Old Schoolhouse Brewery Takes Home Gold

Huge congratulations to the incredible brewers at Old Schoolhouse Brewery for taking home two first place prizes at the United States Beer Tasting Championship! OSB’s classic Big Valley Brown and the brand new Stygian Tide Porter were each placed as number one in the Brown Ale and Porter categories.

Kyle Koger, Head Brewer at OSB, has been brewing for well over a decade, having joined the OSB team in 2012. During his time with OSB Kyle has seen the well loved Big Valley Brown perform well in competitions, its first win being all the way back in 2010 when it was still under the name Uncle Big’s Brown.

“The name of the beer has changed over the years but the recipe remains true to the original and has proven itself as a contender in beer competitions year after year,” Kyle said.

The big surprise came from a brand new recipe, the Stygian Tide Porter, the project of OSB Brewer Ryan Rust. Ryan has been Kyle’s right-hand-man for the last seven years, “making the beer flow, rain or shine,” Kyle says. It’s unexpected to get a win on a new beer, the first attempts often need adjustment to nail the desired flavors. Huge props to Ryan for crafting something so tasty right out of the gate.

We’re so excited for you guys, and so grateful to get to enjoy your beer right here in the Methow!