North Cascades Smokejumper Base Update

NCSB Daren Belsby and Bill Moody

Base Manager Daren Belsby and Bill Moody share a smokejumper story

On a recent visit with Smokejumper Base Manager Daren Belsby and one of the original North Cascades Smokejumpers, Bill Moody, we looked at plans for a new multipurpose building that could become a reality in 2021. Later this month, the USFS Fire Facilities Engineer will review the plans which are 95% complete. Final modifications will bring the design phase over the finish line and move the project to the next milestone – requesting funding from Congress to complete construction of the 17,000 sf facility.

Currently, the North Cascade Smokejumper Base is the top ranked project in USFS Region 6 and has strong support from Representative Newhouse and Senator Cantwell. Project funding will allow the three buildings currently in the “obstacle free zone” to be removed and replaced by the new structure, meeting FAA regulations and clearing the way for a taxiway where the current buildings stand. At this stage we’re ‘clear for takeoff’ with this project and we’ll check in again when appropriations are complete.

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