Local Partnerships Provide Greater Resiliency in Face of Natural Disasters

Be PreparedResidents and visitors alike are well aware of the damaging effects the 2014 – 2015 wildfire seasons caused to people, homes and businesses in the Methow Valley. The loss of life was unimaginable. The loss of property and the impact the fires had to the local economy highlighted the need to be more prepared should a natural disaster impact our community again.

Focusing on our mission of increasing the economic vitality of the Methow Valley, TwispWorks has partnered with organizations including the Methow Valley Long Term Recovery (MVLTR), the Okanogan County Electrical Cooperative and MethowNet.com to support preparedness efforts.These partnerships are focused on hardening infrastructure to enhance critical communications and support business resiliency should a natural disaster impact our region in the future.

Through a generous grant from MVLTR, TwispWorks has purchased a backup transmitter for local radio station, KTRT. The backup transmitter is located on Mount McClure but can be moved if threatened by a natural disaster. This grant, along with a generous donation from Okanogan County Electrical Cooperative, made possible the purchase of a backup generator on the TwispWorks campus and the installation of a propane tank to fuel the generator. The backup generator will ensure KTRT, the Methow Valley News and the Education Station are powered during times of extended electrical outages.

Using this new infrastructure, should a natural disaster strike, KTRT and the Methow Valley News will be able to continue broadcasting and publishing the news and information people need to stay safe and informed. In the event of a natural disaster, Methownet.com has also agreed to deliver free wireless internet (WiFi) throughout the TwispWorks campus, providing a gathering place for people to send and receive email messages, charge phones, and support each other during times of crisis.

These efforts are complimented by TwispWorks’ recent hiring of Hannah McIntosh as Economic Development Coordinator. Through additional funding from the MVLTR, Hannah will focus on identifying and implementing opportunities for economic recovery and resilience in the Methow Valley in response to the wildfires.

TwispWorks is committed to playing a leadership role in ensuring that in times of crisis the people and businesses in the Methow Valley are safe, informed and supported.

TwispWorks relies on the generous support of the community. If you would like to help contribute to efforts like this, please consider making a donation.