Leslee Goodman awarded Artist Trust GAP Award

Artist Trust LogoThe Artist Trust is a nonprofit dedicated to helping Washington State artists of all disciplines thrive. The non profit was founded by artists in 1986 and since then, Artist Trust has invested over $10 million in Washington State artists through funding, training and resources.

This year, TwispWorks’ own Leslee Goodman has been named a GAP Award recipient for her documentary film project “Twisp: The Power of Community” which aims to explopre the people and values that make our twon a thriviing community, rather than another abondonded farm town or commefcialized strip of interstate.

Goodman Volunteers

Volunteers rebuild Buddy’s house after the 2014 fires. 2015 video still

My goal is to celebrate the mix of creativity, neighborliness, and “can-do” spirit we have here—from an abundance of local food producers, brewers, and beekeepers, to our own independent radio station, newspaper, playhouse, orchestra, and library. I even learned my documentary filmmaking here at Wild Mind Film Camp at TwispWorks. How many towns of 900+ have all the cultural, educational, and economic resources that we do? They didn’t just appear by accident. Local people created them.

Goodman Twisp Trashion Show

2017 Trashion Show in Twisp. 2017 video still

Leslee explores how and why our community is wiling to work together to problem solve and help each other out. From coming together to rebuild and grow after back-to-back summers of wildfires, to the ways we continue to address community needs such as affordable housing and affordable, quality childcare. The people of Twisp don’t wait for someone else to come in and fix things, they take it upon themselves. That’s the power of community.

The Artist Trust GAP grant is small, in terms of money, but it’s huge in terms of impact. As an “emerging artist,” it gives me credibility. And its support will make it likely that the film will be seen beyond Twisp. I’m tremendously fortunate to have received it.