ILC Student Shines as Educator in Training

ILC senior Chloe Sprauer leads a gender inclusive training for MVSD staff.
ILC senior Chloe Sprauer leads a gender inclusive training for MVSD staff.

Students at ILC are engaged in a variety of learning opportunities, from coursework and projects in school to community based internships and leadership activities. Student learning is often dynamic, relevant, and based on individual students’ interests.

Recently, ILC senior Chloe Sprauer completed an internship working alongside Keri Moore from Room One as a sexual health educator in training. As Keri’s assistant, Chloe observed, planned, co-taught, and eventually taught her own lessons to 7th and 8th grade students at Liberty Bell High School.

The middle school sexual health units ended in early February, but Chloe’s desire to educate persisted. With a newfound awareness of the need for more education around gender inclusivity, Chloe struck out to design and implement a training for educators.

After weeks of careful planning, Chloe implemented the first ever student-led gender inclusive training for MVSD staff. In two sessions, the first at ILC and the second at Liberty Bell, Chloe taught staff how to be allies for non-binary and transgender students. As a result of her lessons, educators are thinking differently about staying curious and creating safe spaces.

Way to lay the groundwork for a more empathetic and inclusive community, Chloe!

– Sara Mounsey, Independent Learning Center Principal