ILC Expansion and Automotive Tech Shop Overview

Welding shopOur Youth Need Local Jobs and Our Businesses Need Qualified Workers
• The majority of Methow Valley High School students relocate outside the Methow Valley upon graduation. While many attend college, a significant number of students report the lack of living wage jobs in the Methow Valley as one reason they chose to move away.
• Local businesses have reported to TwispWorks that a major challenge to their success is not having a pipeline of trained candidates for open positions.

MVSD and TwispWorks are Partnering to Deliver an Automotive Tech Program
• TwispWorks and the Methow Valley School District (MVSD) have a long-standing partnership that ensures young people are prepared for a wide variety of career choices that meet their skills, abilities and interests. The Welding and Advanced Construction Tech programs are just two examples of successful trade skill building offerings currently available to students.
• The MVSD has received a grant to provide students access to vocational and technical training programs. Through this grant, students are already pursuing mechanic and welding training.
• Students have reported an automotive tech program would be their number one interest for vocational training if it were available.
• Based on student interests and area business needs, TwispWorks and the Methow Valley School District are working to deliver an automotive tech program on the TwispWorks campus. Our plan includes refurbishing a garage next to the Independent Learning Center (ILC) so that students can get hands-on experience while also participating in classroom instruction.

We’ve Raised Most of What We Need but Need to Close a Funding Gap
• The school district will cover the costs associated with delivering the program through their existing budget.
• The renovation budget is $138,000 and we’ve secured a grant for $103,500, with the requirement that we raise the remaining $34,500 to demonstrate support for this new program.
• We’ve secured all but $20,000 and we’re now asking local automotive-related businesses to help close the funding gap as having youth trained in automotive repair and maintenance could lead to having a pipeline of prospective employees for living wage jobs.

We Need Your Help to Demonstrate Community Support for the Program
• We are asking you to make a 2-year contribution of $500 per year, a total of $1,000.
• If that is not possible, any amount would be appreciated so we can demonstrate to our grantor that we have the support of the automotive businesses in the Methow Valley.
• If a contribution isn’t possible, would you sign a letter in of support of the program? Or do you have an idea for ways you may be able to support our youth and this program?

Email Info@TwispWorks.Org if you would like to make a contribution or support this program.