Icicle Fund Awards TwispWorks Grant in Support of the Arts

Icicle Fund LogoWe’re pleased to announce the Icicle Fund has awarded TwispWorks a grant to support the creation of an artist in residence (AIR) program. The celebration of arts and culture was central to the founding of TwispWorks and remains a focus of our mission.

As the community of artists operating on our campus continues to thrive, the establishment of an AIR program was a natural extension of this commitment and reflects the shared interests in creating this program with our local arts organizations including Methow Arts and the Confluence Gallery. An AIR program is a unique opportunity to welcome artists from outside our community and exchange creativity and experiences. Because TwispWorks is first and foremost a placemaker, we are uniquely suited to host and welcome new artists to share in our story-making and celebrate the importance the arts have in our community. The two-year grant from the Icicle Fund will support the planning and delivery of the program while in tandem we pursue funding to refurbish one of the residences on campus.