Community Solar Project

Solar at TwispWorks

Solar panels on the South vehicle bay provide energy to the TwispWorks campus

In spring 2012, through the hard work of local residents and solar consultant Ellen Lamiman, TwispWorks became host to the third installment of the Methow Valley’s Community Solar Projects. This is the first Community Solar Project in Twisp; Winthrop residents and Okanogan County Electric Cooperative (OCEC) customers previously funded two projects in Winthrop at the OCEC building in 2010 and the second on Town of Winthrop land in 2011.

Two solar arrays—25,200 Watts and 9,380 Watts, respectively—were installed on the TwispWorks campus. With this addition, Community Solar Projects in the Valley are producing an estimated 107,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy output per year, enough electricity to annually power 20 energy-efficient, average-size northwest homes. This energy reduces the power that local utility companies have to purchase and deliver to Methow Valley residences and businesses and is expected to produce power for 30 to 50 years.

You can track our system’s performance here.