Happy Retirement, Anne!

We have reached the end of an era at TwispWorks. Anne Acheson, our Senior Business Administrator is retiring after holding her position for 11 years! Though I’ve only been working with Anne for a year, I have come to regard her as a historical record keeper, a budget analyst and spreadsheet creator, a trusted staff member with a sharp eye for details, a lover of dogs and cats, and a fantastic photographer. She also has a great wit and intellect that keeps the staff both laughing and on the edge of our seats to see what’s coming next.

TwispWorks is nothing if not complex with our combination of community programs and on-campus work, our old and new buildings, and our diverse partnerships and collaborations. Anne has managed to develop systems and spreadsheets to track all of what we do and forecast the potential gaps and bottlenecks in our work. Her foundational tools will continue to serve TwispWorks, and as an extension, the Methow Valley community well into the future.

Anne’s sharp eye for detail is always at work, and I’ve received emails from her after she’s taken her puppy out for a walk and has been inspired by a new level of attention to detail I didn’t realize could exist. She uses her sharp eyes outside the office as well and is an excellent community supporter, volunteering on committees and for organizations throughout the valley. She also puts her attention to detail use in her photographs of the world around her with a focus on animals and landscape. She captures contrasting colors, as well as unusual lines and shadow.  Her work plays with light dancing on rocks in a stream and mist in trees or twilight turning tree branches into lace and reflections formed on still water.

Even though she’ll no longer be coming into the office you can find evidence of Anne on campus—Anne sells her cards and prints at the Methow Valley Goods store here at TwispWorks. She’ll also have booths at Mistletoe Madness and the Twisp Community Center and Winthrop Barn Holiday Bazaars

I, and we, will miss Anne’s sense of humor and deep knowledge of TwispWorks when she retires at the end of October. If you see her in the valley, please thank her for helping TwispWorks become a community hub with programs benefiting the economy and culture of the Methow.

Written by Executive Director Sarah Brown